Do you want to get better results with your Facebook Page?

Optimise your Business Facebook Page.

Check out these videos of Facebook How To’s.

Follow along and optimise your Facebook page.

Turn those ‘Likes’ into bookings and get your viewers to call, message and book at your salon. These videos are concentrating on optimising your page for offers, services, slideshows and clickable cover images.

How to Make your Cover Photo Clickable.

Your cover photo is your biggest real estate on Facebook. Make the most of it by crafting an image that has a CTA and then add links in the description. You can now also have a cover image video. Use that to maximum benefit to engaging your viewer. See how here.

How To Create A Slideshow Ad or Post

Small slideshow videos like this are easy to make and best of all can be used to create an engagement audience of people who watched it, who you can then retarget to. They can be used again and again and are a perfect way to show before and afters, styles in progression and team images.

How to Set up Tabs On Your Page.

These tabs should be filled out and used to the maximum benefit to educate and engage your viewers. They will stay around longer if you keep them interested.

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How to Set Up an Offer

These are a great way to put an offer out to your viewers.

How to add a Service

These create a neat little icon and description that you can tag in posts and displays on your page.

How to invite people to like your page

Invite likers of your posts and ads to like your page with this easy tip.

How to create a Message Post

Get you followers and customers to message your page when you make an offer or request them to do something.

Once you have your page optimised, you are on the way to engaging more with your fans.

There are many positive things you can do with Facebook that will grow your salon’s customers. It is the cheapest and easiest way to get your name, branding and work out to the world!

We specialise in helping salon owners achieve success with their Facebook presence so that they attract the right customers and keep them coming back… raving fans that recommend their friends.

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