What I’ve Learnt From Successfully Reopening My Salon

Want to know what I’ve learnt about how to successfully reopen your salon?

I have a list of 10 things that helped me prepare to reopen my salon. Plus, I talk about how hoping an influx of customers when reopening will save your business is a common mistake salon owners are making right now, and most importantly, what I wanted for my salon when I reopened. 

I have compiled together everything I have talked about on social media about how to reopen your salon… including a pre-appointment email template to send to your customers and videos on my experience reopening my salon.

This email template should save you time as well as the other resources in the Salon Reopening Resource Pack. Get yours HERE.

Plus, check out this article I wrote about how salons are responding and adapting to Covid-19. It has some bonus tips on how to have a thriving salon during this time! Read it HERE


Salon reopening mindset a problem for you?

Wow, the day has finally arrived when I can say I reopened my salon and it has been a huge success so far!

When I was in lockdown, I felt so much could go wrong and the uncertainty was a killer some days.

  • Would I have to spend lots of money on PPE and equipping the salon to open?
  • Would my team feel confident enough to come back? 
  • Would the customers want the extra services and colours that make us profitable?
  • I’m feeling unmotivated and wonder if I even want to open up again!
  • Would we all get sick and have to close again?

Well, it’s very early days and the last question remains unanswered and out of my control. However, having opened confidently has required me to play a huge game of chess over the last few weeks… getting everyone and everything in position.

It was my aim to open with a happy, connected and engaged team. I wanted the customers to feel connected, well informed and able to handle the wait times with grace and patience. I needed to feel well-rested and excited, not frazzled and exhausted as had been the case in most of lockdown.

I was desperate for things to run smoothly.

And they did… but I really prepared. Let me share what I learnt with you.

Are there bumps in the road ahead? For sure! Curveballs are the life of a business owner. But I’ve learnt a lot about how to handle situations I’ve not encountered before by doubling down on what I do know… and I survived my first week. I’m excited for the weeks ahead. Are you?

Salon Owner Conversations

10 things to learn about how to reopen your salon

In my new video, I talk about the 10 things that really helped me prepare for reopening, some of them weeks ahead!

What should you do first to start resuscitating the sleeping giant that is your salon business?

How do you take it off the life support you put it on during lockdown and breathe fresh life into your dream? Who do you need to connect with first? How do you communicate effectively? What do you do to mange your customers’ bookings? What do you change if you weren’t happy before?

Thinking that reopening your salon and a flood of customers will save your business

Thinking that reopening your salon and having a flood of customers will save your business is one of the biggest mistakes I see salon owners making right now.

And I get it. You see stories everywhere of how desperate people are to get their hair done, but if all a salon had to do was to open its doors and people would flood in for it to have long tasting success then there would be no bankruptcies looming… and we know that there will be many.

So, how do you successfully reopen your salon and make sure it stays open. What have salons done to make this process a success?

They have worked on a 3 stage strategy that involves the owners and business partners, their teams and their customers.

Watch my video for a reopening strategy that will make sure you are a salon that survives.

What owning a salon means to me

Social distancing in a salon! Not pampering our customers with all the little treats and giving them a relaxing experience fills me with dread.

Our salons are a much-needed sanctuary for us all. And we need that more now than ever when the everyday is so uncertain and scary… but how can we as salon owners create this right now with everything changing and out of our control. How can we even open and feel confident?

DOWNLOAD: Pre-Appointment Confirmation Email

Do you want to reopen your salon and thrive?

Need to communicate how the salon will feel and look to your customers when you reopen?

I have made another resource for my Salon Reopening Resource Pack. This week’s addition is a Pre-Appointment Confirmation Email you can use as a guideline for the email you send out to your customers before their appointment so they can warm up to your new procedures and not get any surprises.

Get your copy of the Salon Reopening Resource Pack and download the template HERE.

how to reopen your salon and thrive


This week we’re talking to Maddy, a hair stylist from the United States. 

“Let’s be real: I went to school for beauty NOT for marketing … I admire the way Kirsten has broken important fundamental marketing strategies down. She really simplified things in a way that is easy to understand for someone who has no background in marketing and advertising.

I have gotten more engagement with my salon’s social media from the 3 weeks I’ve had Kirsten by my side, in my thought process of posting, than in my 6 months of previous posting.”

Do great stylists make great salon owners?

Remember when you were the best stylist in town and everyone was telling you owning your own salon was the next logical step. But, the reality is that beauty school doesn’t teach us the business skills we need.

Maddy came to us with no experience in marketing and within 3 weeks she had completely transformed her approach to customer attraction. Now she has the skills to take her from stylist to salon owner.


Do you want to reopen your salon and thrive?
Get your Salon Reopening Resource Pack

It includes a ‘Back to Work’ questionnaire to help build trust and connection with your team, a Pre-Appointment Confirmation Email so you can communicate how your salon will feel and look to your customers, and a Customer Waiver Form.

Download your copy HERE.

how to reopen your salon and thrive

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