This week we’ve been talking about how to reopen your salon and thrive… we’ve touched on having the right mindset around money, how to get out in front with your customers and team, and how to move forward.

I have compiled together everything we have talked about on how to reopen your salon and thrive on social media… including an asset on how to shift your mindset around money, videos on getting out in front in business, and a #salonownershare, where we give salon owners the opportunity to ask questions and get answers from other salon owners.

Plus, check out this article I wrote about how salons are responding and adapting to Covid-19. It has some bonus tips on how to have a thriving salon during this time! Read it HERE


Salon Owner

What watching Netflix’s ‘Ozark’ taught me about business

Remember when you were the best stylist in town and everyone was telling you owning your own salon was the logical next step…

  • ‘You’ll make a killing’
  • ‘Why not work for yourself and cut out the boss?’
  • ‘Make more money and get time off while others work for you!’

So, you did it… took the plunge and here you are in the middle of what might be feeling like the worst year of your life!

You just have to stick it out though, right? This will end soon and you can get back to work… but wait a minute!

Were things that great before the world changed? Were you living the dream lifestyle you imagined? Did you attract a great team?

What about the customers… were they lining up to come to your salon, were they spending on your services and products and then rebooking and referring friends?

Were you creating wealth and profits?

Is the salon owner business life all it’s cracked up to be?

You are required to be a leader and mentor to your team, to be a centre of your salon community and to shape the vision and future… plus, handle income, revenue and profits… not things you learnt when you were becoming the best stylist in town, right?

One thing I love about Marty Bryde on Ozark is his ability to get out in front of things. He’s adaptive and finds solutions to the most precarious situations. 

Now don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to be him for a second… all that drama and craziness is way too much for me. The show highlights the worst of human behaviour, but I love watching it! So why do I admire him?

I admire his ability to get out from under and get out in front, and I think that’s what business owners need to be like every day. . .

…not just in the middle of a global pandemic or, in Marty’s case, as he’s being hunted down by a drug cartel! It’s the key to success in how to reopen your salon and thrive. 

Salon Owner Conversations

Getting out in front in business

Is the salon owner business life all it’s cracked up to be?

We are constantly facing situations that require expert business skills and I see salon owners struggle at the everyday, every day.

Businesses that were not doing well before this crisis… well, they just won’t survive after. 

This is a testing time for the most successful of salon owners, but you watch… some will thrive. Will you?

In my new video, I talk about what this can look like for you and how you can fix your broken business model… how to reopen your salon and thrive.

Finally start to make your salon owner dreams come true, despite these challenging times and join other successful salon owners who are thriving!

How to get out in front right now with your customers and team

Confused about how to manage your customers and what to do with your team during these uncertain times? Fear and worry are consuming lots of salon owners. It’s hard to stay proactive, I totally get it.

But I want to help today with some tips on things you can do to get out in front of things and make sure that when you do open, salon life will be manageable.

Successful salon owners will be doing what they can to keep connected to their teams and customers so they can manage expectations. Doing this well is something that ensures you are front of mind and controlling the dialogue. It eases confusion and uncertainty.

In this video, I talk about my take on what getting out in front means. Are you doing all of these things?

Tip #1: My first tip is getting your team to express their feelings and concerns so you have a framework to operate from.

Getting them to fill out a form with questions so they can express some of their worries and concerns, plus gives them some options to contribute to how they want things to look, goes a long way to build trust and connection. 

Want a copy of the questions I asked my team, get your copy of the ‘Back to Work’ Questionnaire in my Salon Survival Pack For 2021 and Beyond. Find out more HERE.

Watch the video for my other tips to get your salon back on track and help you feel like an Empowered Successful Salon Business Owner who knows how to reopen your salon and thrive. 

What to say to them and your customers will be the difference between creating a successful reopening phase… the rest of my tips will really help.

Smart salon owners know the importance of mindset

How you feel about money and wealth shows up in how you price your services and how much you value your team and your time.

As a successful hairstylist, you knew that having a proactive positive attitude was what helped you become successful.

You weren’t afraid to learn something new and were resilient when things got tough. You dug deep and focused when you could have given up.

You know what it takes to be successful. Showing up this way now you have your own salon is the same.

A healthy, focused mindset towards business, your team and growth is what will set you on the road to success… it will help you thrive no matter the external circumstances.

Are you ready to take it to the next level? To create an even more successful business despite all that surrounds you… using your resilient, proactive and adaptive mindset?

DOWNLOAD: Money Mindset Guide

Money Mindset Cheat Sheet

To be successful in business you need to have the right mindset… you need the ability to get out from under and get out in front of things.

For many salon owners, this will be the difference between success and failure during this time. For me, I will thrive.

My business was on a real roll before all of this started and I know it will start again just as well because I run my business using the Money Mindset Guide.

Using these steps to help get things back on track will be easy and picking up where we left off will keep the doors open.

If you want to change the direction, control the narrative and get out in front in business with all this global uncertainty, you will the Money Mindset Guide too. Get your copy of our 3 Steps to Designing Services That Sell and access your Money Mindset Guide here…


This week we’re talking motivations as a salon owner


Here were some of the responses…

  • The money is just as much a motivation for me as job satisfaction
  • Honestly… I love what I do
  • I would wither away like a dead flower if I had to work in an office. I love all aspects of owning my business except for running numbers lol… I love my clients
  • So, I suppose if you have a business, then there perhaps needs to be some money earned? Without that, can there be job satisfaction? I usually get the same answers that I have here, but mostly I think because that’s how salon owners think they should feel? Those that said money, have it right I think, that should be the priority 
  • I’d say money, however, I wouldn’t want to do it without the huge amount of job satisfaction that goes alongside

From these responses, you can see that doing well and creating income and profits are important. From the last few months lack of income, we can all feel cut off at the knees with little or no income coming in so it’s obviously a motivator.

What you do with it, how it comes in and goes out all affect the quality of your life. What are you going to do to ensure a flow of income for your business that stays consistent for the rest of the year?

Will you cut your team’s bonuses? Change product ranges? Lessen expenses? Stop spending on marketing?

Or, are you looking at getting out in front of this with strategies to attract and keep great customers, upsell your services and products, and add extra services to your menu? Even take on more staff or expand your business? Where are the opportunities for you?

I’d love to know. Send me a message on Instagram @salonownersolutions or post your thoughts in the comments.



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