Do you know what to say to customers when there is so much uncertainty about your salon right now? Customer communication during these changes is the difference between them feeling connected to your brand or not.

Are you mistakenly sending the message that you don’t care, by saying nothing or overloading them with information that doesn’t serve them or your brand? Are you trying to sell and it’s just not resonating with your customers?

I have compiled everything I have talked about on social media about customer communication, and I’m giving you access to the emails I used to communicate with my customers during our salon closure and reopening, plus I’m talking about how to connect with your customers… including videos on why customer communication and connection are so important.

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How to send the right message to your customers

In these uncertain times, your next step is crucial to your business’s success.

Whether you are open, reopening or still closed, what you say to customers now could be the difference between your business surviving or failing.

And I get it, it’s hard to fill all the gaps and know what to say for every different situation. 

  • How do you manage and communicate the rebooking process?
  • How do you prepare them for their appointments so they feel safe and ensure they come and have a great experience without stress?
  • Plus, how do you make sure they come, spend money, buy products and rebook? 

Because we all know that making sure there are consistent bookings over the next few months will determine whether we can keep our doors open long term or not.

How is every brand and business successfully informing and helping their customers and folowers feel confident and safe right now?

How is your local restaurant or favourite cafe handling their customer communication? What about the Government and State politicians… have they created more chaos, or are they helping you feel informed and confident?

If they are navigating this well, what are they doing?

The brands and businesses that are successfully navigating customer communication during COVID-19 quarantine and lockdowns are helping their customers stay on the journey with them. They are holding customers’ attention, keeping connected and building anticipation for the next steps.

They are using all forms of communication channels to reach out, even when they are not certain what business is going to look like. They create community through communication and keep connected to their customers even if they are unsure of what is coming. 

They’re using email, Messenger, Facebook and phone calls to reach out, connect, inform and acknowledge what their business is going through. 

If you don’t fill the gaps in people’s minds, they will fill it with whatever they think

Customers are used to us making them feel special. Right now they may be thinking….

  • “They don’t care about me!”
  • “Is my appointment going to be rescheduled because they will be busy?”
  • “Will I be first to get a spot?”
  • “How will they fit everyone in?”
  • “My friend’s salon is open 14 hours a day to get through people, I hope my salon is”
  • “How can my salon keep me safe?”

On and on…  all the things that they may think if you don’t help them understand the process you are putting in place.

Can you imagine the avalanche of emails, questions and queries that you will face if you don’t address these questions and get out in front of customer communication before it gets too overwhelming? How could you cope with all this and be managing an open salon? 

If you think being closed was stressful, what will it feel like once the rush is over and the books look patchy?

You know what most salon owners never realise is that little or random customer communication is like planting a seed and never watering it. Hoping it will grow with no nurturing care.

Sure, you planted it in the ground, started the process but it doesn’t mean you’ll see the result you want… unless you want no growth. Plus, isn’t it more important to focus on effective customer communication instead of saying nothing because you fear you’ll get it wrong, mess it up or even worse… that it doesn’t matter? 

Right now you have a choice. You can continue communicating the way you have with mixed results. In fact, that is exactly what most salon owners are doing. Or you can be the type of salon owner who focuses on customer communication and gains the one thing every successful salon owner has… a highly engaged and loyal customer. 

Salon Owner Conversations

Our industry is built on making people feel special!

But right now, you could be sending the message you don’t care as much as usual and not even realise it?

People are more sensitive and need attention more than ever and they all think they are our favourite. They interpret a lack of communication as a snub or no booking rescheduling as that they are not your favourite. Take it from me, this is what I’ve experienced and it really is a pressured time.

It feels like you can’t get it right no matter what you do.

In this video, I uncover the secret that successful brands are using to make sure they love on their customers at a time when they need it most and ensure their business is not just surviving the lockdown but thriving past the initial rush of reopening.

How to send the right message to your customers right now

What most struggling, confused salon owners are doing right now is either ignoring communicating with their customers because they don’t know what to say, or just communicating about selling stuff like they used to do before all this uncertainty, lockdowns and quarantine life started. 

This video is going to be very important because you’re going to finally see how to send the right message to your customers right now… which is a part of ‘Connection’ in the A.S.C.E.N.D. Salon Method. 

Connection is a key pillar to have working in your salon business because without it it’s like planting a seed and not watering it. You have to nurture the connection if you want it to grow!

But this video will fix all that so you can go from overwhelmed and confused about what to do, to empowered and in control.

Meaningful connection is the new normal if you are ready for it

Meaningful connection… It’s what I stand for, what I believe is the most important thing we as humans need to survive. Sharing experiences, being in each other’s energy and talking. It’s food to drive the soul.

How can we as salon owners contribute to a better world that values connection?

We will do it with our salon, we will do it with our brands, we will do it by giving people space and permission to relax, and we will thrive because of it. If that’s you then get ready… because meaningful connection is the new normal if you are ready for it.


This week we’re talking to Elizabeth M, a hair salon owner from Australia. 

“Other courses became too confusing & overloaded my mind, I didn’t know where to start!

But not this [Customer Attraction Mastery], I feel like I have been reminded of why I started my salon and have a much clearer goal and vision to work towards!

Everything was explained/taught in such an easy way to understand but also in fine detail!”

Do you remember why you started your salon?

Remember when everyone thought 2020 would be their best year yet… you had planned, visioned and set your goals for the year. But then COVID-19 happened and it feels like everything was thrown out the window.

2020 has been a testing year for everyone. With everything that has happened over the past few months it can be hard to remember why you thought owning a salon was a good idea.

Elizabeth came to us feeling the same way. After just 3 weeks with us she had completely transformed her salon owner mindset. Now her salon owner dream is becoming her reality.

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