Facebook Audience Targeting Made Easy

Audience targeting is the the golden goose of Facebook.


Facebook Audience Targeting Made Easy for Salon Owners


Wake up call…  there are salons mastering targeting now.

They are using Facebook and Instagram ads to target potential new customers… which includes your existing customers. Which salon is a new client going to choose?

The one that keeps popping up on social with great ads and offers to entice them in.

How does your existing clients feel when ads are coming up on their feed luring them to a bright beautiful salon with an irresistible offer?

Time to learn some ninja tips so you can play wisely with your Social Media Marketing too!


Get Started

Facebook Audience Targeting is the ability for business owners to target ads and posts to people we want to see them.

Even if you are just posting and boosting posts you can now choose audiences that are ideal for your business and location.

If you are taking on Ads Manager, and we strongly recommend you do, the possibilities are limitless for really delivering your message to the people that matter most… qualified potential customers.




Facebook just made targeting relevant audiences even easier with Audiences.

This means you now can create audiences to target from

  • people who have watched one of your videos
  • seen your lead ads or a canvas
  • commented, shared, saved or clicked a CTA on your ads or posts
  • messaged or visited your page

This is incredible news for businesses. We can now create audiences other than Website Custom Audiences to use for our targeting.


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First let’s see how we can create these.

You first must have ads manager set up.

Once you have done that, follow along step by step and create some Audience Targeting magic.

  • Go to Business or Ads Manager
  • Click – Audiences
  • Click – Create Audience
  • Select – Custom Audience

A light box will appear.

  • Click – Engagement

Then another light box will show.

Here you choose the engagement that you would like to make an audience from.



Some points to consider when creating Audiences.

When you create these audiences, you can choose the time frame that is suited to your promotion. Page views have a maximum of 365 days, video views have 180 days.

Say you wanted to target people that liked, commented or shared a post from a 14 day window when you boosted a post or ran an ad for a particular offer.

Make an audience with that time frame and run a follow up offer showing it only to that ‘warmer audience’ so they can see more details on the offer.

They engaged with you once so we know they have shown interest and might like some more exposure to you before making a commitment to buy. Currently you cannot choose a specific post to create an audience from. However you can choose specific videos to create audiences.


Pro Tip

If you have collected the emails of people who have successfully taken up an offer you can also make a Custom Audience excluding them from seeing it again in saved audiences.

Choose the audience you want to select from the drop down.




Then select the time frame you want to target.




You can now also refine further by adding exclusions and refinements of other actions taken. You can get very granular with this and get a bunch of very, very hot prospects.




Name the audience something that reflects the characteristics then click Create Audience.


Video View Audiences

Create audiences for how long a specific video or group of videos video was viewed.

This gives you audiences of the least and most engaged people.

Choose the % or seconds viewed.




Next select the video or group of videos you want to measure.



Click – Choose Videos

A box will appear where you can check one or a group of videos.




Click – Confirm and a thumbnail will show for the selected video.

Select the days.

Name your audience so you can identify the video(s) selected and the days.



You have a audience of people who have watched a % of a promotional video and now you can send them another post or ad that they are very likely to watch.


The possibilities are endless

  • to get the right copy and image to the people who watched more of your video
  • to develop relationships with engaging relevant content
  • and showcase your business to prospective customers.


You can choose retargeting ads that represent the quality of their interest.

75%-95% views could be ready to see an offer.

50% could respond better to another video or a boosted post about your salon or spa’s work.

25%-50% might engage again with more content or another video similar to the one they originally watched.

Think about what the content was that you boosted, or the video ad you created in the first instance.

There are so many options and scenarios here. Just try to think of how your FB posts and ads are viewed, by who and then what you would like them to see next.


Website Custom Audiences are still highly rated. 

You can segment by how much content is consumed or how much time is spent on your site.  These audiences are excellent targeting options.

It requires you to have the Facebook Pixel installed on your site. If you can’t do this yourself, get someone to do it for you and start collecting those audiences now!

Imagine if you could send a colour post to all the people who went to your colour pricing page, or wedding photos to people who looked up your wedding prices.

Thing is, salons are doing this now and you know which business they are going to choose? The one that stays at the top of their mind.


Let’s see how these work so you can create audiences for your targeting today.

Just posting and boosting without using targeting really is just throwing something at a wall and hoping it will stick.


When boosting from your Page.

  1. Click the boost button.
  2. The audience will show up under audience.
  3. Choose the audience you created.
  4. Choose your budget and duration
  5. Then Submit.


When using Ads manager.

  1. Create Campaign.
  2. Choose campaign objective
  3. In Ad Set Level you will find the audience you created.




Select and continue to create your ad.


Over to You

Targeting Engagement Audiences on Facebook is very exciting if you want to engage relevant audiences that are likely to become your customers.

But remember, they came to see your posts originally, so retargeting them with more relevant engaging content that they like will help build the relationship online and encourage them to take you up on your offers.

Don’t be shy in showcasing your salon, team and work, so they get to know you better.

Website custom audiences require for you to have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website. This is well worth doing as the options become so much better when you can include, exclude and layer in these audiences with your engagement audiences too.


Pro Tip

Use these Engagement Audiences to create ‘Look A Like’ audiences.

Send ads and posts to them. Then make Engagement Audiences and BOOM off you go again with another more engaged relevant audience.

Create Custom Audiences from your salon database so you can exclude them from the paid advertising if the content is not suited to them. This will keep your costs down and keep your audiences more pure.


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Get More Facebook Engagement


Are you happy with your Facebook engagement?

Do you measure your Facebook success on how many clicks, likes and shares you get?

Why is Facebook Engagement even important?

Is it actually responsible for bringing you any business?





We’ve put together some simple tips to help with your Facebook Engagement organic reach.

By optimising your Facebook Page and the time you spend on social media, you will get results. You can now build audiences for your advertising using Engagement Audiences. We have a post on that here.

These tips are easy to incorporate when you are scheduling your weekly and monthly social marketing. Get your team on board and check over the following things when posting for optimised Facebook Engagement.


But before we start, if you just want to get down to business, take a look at our Free “Done For You” week of Facebook Posts. 

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Firstly the 3 big must do’s with salon social.


    1.Be consistent.

Being consistent will give you an edge on haphazard posters all day, everyday. Facebook rewards the businesses who use the platform often and regularly.

     2. Have a plan

Your fans and followers will look forward to your posts if they have an expectation that you will deliver a mix of interesting content in varying formats.


  • Behind the scenes shots.
  • Transformation posts.
  • Client shares and images.
  • Links to your website or landing pages.
  • Any video!!

Then analyse your results.

Look at your engagement and see what posts get engagement. Study other businesses and see what works on their pages.


    3. Get your team on board with content

Don’t have a haphazard approach to your content. Make sure it is branded and easily recognisable. Your brand should have one voice.

Images must be the best you can do. Take time to get them in a well lit area, even set up a selfie station if you like.

Make sure the team are taking enough images regularly for you to use.

Encourage customer involvement to post and share when they are in the salon. Or incentivise them to post reviews.


Tips to Implement for added Engagement.

Ask a Question

One of the simplest and most effective ways to get people talking is to ask a question. Do you like this style straight or wavy? F

Who likes this new colour look?

Pixie or long, what suits her better?

Here are some more examples to try:

  • Specific: What’s your favourite…?
  • Tips: How do you…?
  • Experiences: What’s your favourite moment from experience/memory…?
  • Edgy: Do you think…? (controversial question)
  • Direct: Why do you…?
  • Events: Who is going/Who attended…?
  • Timely: Today is…, so what are you…?

Add it to an image and you are set to go. Just make sure you chime in with responses. This sends your post to the top of the feed again. FB loves engagement, so they will show your post in the feed of your friends.


Post When Your Fans Are Online

Post when your audience is most active. Check your Facebook Insights to find that data. To access it, click the Insights tab and then click Posts in the left menu.

By default, the dashboard shows data for when your fans are online. You can adjust the date range to compare blocks of time so you can see what times of the day your fans are most active.

Try posting at different times to see what works best for you. Late at night when it’s not so active can work well. If the engagement gets up then it will still feature in the morning when more come on line.

You can schedule posts easily on FB.


Use ‘Stop Scrolling’ Images

Use relevant, colourful, and high-quality images. If you want to spice up your photos but don’t have Photoshop-level skills, try free tools like Canva.

Before and after shots are always a great choice and there are many phone apps that take this to the next level. Be on brand and watch the text… Facebook does not like that!

The terms and conditions change frequently so keep up to date if you can. Posting before and afters is one thing, but using them in ads is a different story.

You don’t want too many rejected ads as it is not good for your account and you can get banned very easily!

Photos that evoke an emotion will connect you to your audience and encourage sharing too. Share content and tell stories that pull at people’s interests, emotions, fears, and even their dislikes.

I call it being Extreme, Controversial and True!

Brand loyalty doesn’t come from a product; it comes from a customer’s joy at experiencing a shared sentiment or finding a solution that works that you introduced them to.



Include a CTA

Whats a CTA?

Marketing and advertising lingo for ‘call to action’.

Remember the point of any kind of marketing is that you want your audience to do something and you gotta tell them to do it.

Use a call to action in every post, whether it’s to learn more, book now etc. Link to your website so that you can get your potential customers over there and build audiences for retargeting.


Post Frequency and Type

If your Facebook Engagement is frustrating you after all the work you put in, then it might have something to do with your post frequency. Posting too little… 2-3 times a week won’t help you establish relevance with Facebook’s algorithm and you’ll be fighting for space in your audience’s feed.

On the other hand, posting too often can hurt you if the posts are ignored. Facebook tries to show users the most interesting and relevant content from everyone they follow.

To find a sweet spot, try posting 1-2 times each day at the times your fans are most likely to engage.

Mix it up too. Do theme days where you post Testimonials, Transformations, Tips and Tricks, Product of the week, Staff highlight, motivational posts and funnies.

Try to get a schedule going and do it the week ahead, one for each day. Then you can throw in the other posts that fill that out. Things like industry news, great reviews, salon wins, fashion news etc..


Facebook video

Try Salon Scenes With Live Video

Visual content is much more likely to be shared on Facebook, and this is especially true for video. Facebook Live makes it easy to stream live video to your audience, anytime you like, to leverage that engagement.

Videos uploaded from your phone later can be hugely engaging for your fans. Most people love behind the scenes. So don’t be shy and get the phone out regularly in your salon.


Recycle previous High Engaging  Posts

Fans don’t see everything you post on your Facebook page. Occasionally dip into your archives for an engagement spike.

Look at your Facebook posts from a previous week or month that got comments and post that content again, but tweak it so it’s fresh.

Recycling posts allows you to spotlight popular content that some of your fans may never have seen.


Share Valuable Curated Content

Your audience knows when you’re promoting your business, and if you do it too much, they’ll start losing interest. To mix it up a bit, source high-value content relevant to their interests. Be a helpful resource for your fans.

Use a tool like Picmonkey to curate content for specific audiences. It’s free and pulls relevant hand-curated content. Alltop and BuzzSumo are also recommended for finding popular content to share.


Post a Quiz or Poll

A quiz or poll can be a fun. Focus on current developments in your industry or topics that are relevant to your audience. Interactive content can drive substantial engagement. 


Use Audience Targeting for Organic Posts

You can target a custom audience for your Facebook posts just like you target a specific audience with your ads.

The upside is your content is more likely to be seen by the people you want to get it in front of. It also costs nothing to set up a custom audience for your organic posts.

Bringing relevant content to your fans is a big help with engagement. Not everyone wants to see bayalages or straightening tips.

If this option isn’t enabled on your page, here’s how to turn it on. Go to your page and click the Settings tab. Under General Settings, you’ll find Audience Optimisation for Posts.

Click Edit and make sure this feature is turned on. This custom audience option will now be available whenever you post a status update to your page.




Encourage Fan Content

Encourage your fans to share photos. Either of them at your salon or using your products or hair related things on your page. Set up a post and get everyone to post a pic of them doing something associated to you or your products and services.

Tag customers in your posts and stories.

This is a fun way to spark engagement and chat with fans. To go one step further, run a contest or offer a giveaway to encourage more shares and comments.

Be careful about this and read the latest terms and conditions to stay within what FB allows. They hate click bait!!


Host Contests and Giveaways

Not many types of posts get as much attention as a giveaway or contests. The best part about giveaways is they could potentially cost very little.

Give away your services, a gift voucher or get your product reps to help you out with a goodie bag.

You can also reduce your costs by partnering with another business giveaway. Your favourite local restaurant or gift shop may be keen to cross promote with you.

Reach out… Once the giveaway is live, it can be promoted on your partner’s social pages as well as your own for extra reach.


Boost Your Posts

A boosted post can help get your best content in front of your target audience and spark some engagement. Extra bonus, the more people engaged, the greater the organic reach.

If you have a blog post or other website content that gets traffic, post that to your Facebook page and boost that post.

You don’t need to throw hundreds of dollars at it; give it a modest boost of $5 and target the people who like your page and their friends.

You can make up target audiences in your area too and boost to them.

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-6-05-47-pm screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-6-06-42-pm screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-6-09-33-pm

This tactic can be especially effective if you’re sharing valuable content with a lot of great tips, like a solution to a styling problem or an answer to a question.

If it gets results it’s worth spending a bit of money on with FB. The fans then go to your website and start engaging with your pages.


Over to You

This list of ideas should help you fill your calendar with a good mix of content types that is likely to promote engagement among your Facebook followers. Keep your Facebook posts short for maximum effect. The ideal character count is about 50 or fewer.

Longer form content does have it’s merit for ads and information posts. Test what works best for your business.

Keep in mind if you want engagement, you need to post and respond to your fans every day.

Schedule, but don’t forget this is a social channel people go to to be entertained.

Don’t automate your social presence. Go for the human connection and provide value, and you’ll see your engagement rise.


Attract customers and Keep them coming back easily!

“Done for you” Tried and Tested  Facebook Post Templates.

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Facebook Page ‘How To’ Tips

Do you want to get better results with your Facebook Page?


Optimise your Business Facebook Page.

Check out these videos of Facebook How To’s.

Follow along and optimise your Facebook page.

Turn those ‘Likes’ into bookings and get your viewers to call, message and book at your salon. These videos are concentrating on optimising your page for offers, services, slideshows and clickable cover images.


How to Make your Cover Photo Clickable.

Your cover photo is your biggest real estate on Facebook. Make the most of it by crafting an image that has a CTA and then add links in the description. You can now also have a cover image video. Use that to maximum benefit to engaging your viewer. See how here.


How To Create A Slideshow Ad or Post

Small slideshow videos like this are easy to make and best of all can be used to create an engagement audience of people who watched it, who you can then retarget to. They can be used again and again and are a perfect way to show before and afters, styles in progression and team images.


How to Set up Tabs On Your Page.

These tabs should be filled out and used to the maximum benefit to educate and engage your viewers. They will stay around longer if you keep them interested.




If you just want to get down to business with some

Free “Done For You” Facebook Posts, 

Check This Out



How to Set Up an Offer

These are a great way to put an offer out to your viewers.



How to add a Service

These create a neat little icon and description that you can tag in posts and displays on your page.


How to invite people to like your page

Invite likers of your posts and ads to like your page with this easy tip.



How to create a Message Post

Get you followers and customers to message your page when you make an offer or request them to do something.



Once you have your page optimised, you are on the way to engaging more with your fans.

There are many positive things you can do with Facebook that will grow your salon’s customers. It is the cheapest and easiest way to get your name, branding and work out to the world!

We specialise in helping salon owners achieve success with their Facebook presence so that they attract the right customers and keep them coming back… raving fans that recommend their friends.


Customer Attraction and Retention Tips Using Facebook.

Page Tips for MORE Engagement.

Salon Facebook


8 Easy Steps to Use Facebook to Grow Your Salon Business

Want to connect with local customers on Facebook?

Have you considered targeting them with Facebook ads?

Facebook ads offer a quick, easy and cost-effective way to reach local customers. Discover how to get your business in front of local customers using Facebook ads.

Once you’ve had a chance to play around with Facebook ads, you’ll see that they can be an incredibly powerful tool for your salon because there’s no better way to promote your local businesses than using Facebook ads.

You can…

  • advertise on a small budget
  • target your ideal customer and your existing customers
  • turn campaigns on and off
  • promote offers quickly

There’s also the social aspect.

Your customers can help promote your business to their family and friends on Facebook, and we all know how effective word of mouth is.

Better still, running Facebook ads for a local business is also fairly easy.


Because you  know exactly how to target your audience and you know where they live.

Facebook even recently created an entire objective for local businesses.

Before we get start, if you simply want to super charge your week and save time, get a week of free Facebook posts in a “Done For You ” PDF.

Access it Here

#1: Choose Your Ad Type

You can target any type of Facebook ad to a local audience.

Go to ads manager or power editor and select the objective for your ad. The objective determines the type of ad you’re going to run. What you choose depends on your goals, and of course, what you’re actually promoting.

Facebook loves to change just when we get used to it so here’s some recent UPDATES.

Some objectives have now been moved into similar objectives. These changes don’t affect any existing campaigns you’re running.

Local Awareness

You can now use the reach objective to promote your business locally. If you previously used local awareness to promote your business, you’ll use reach instead.


You can now use the traffic and conversions objectives to create an offer. If you previously used engagement to create an offer, you’ll use these objectives instead.

You can now choose new and simpler advertising objectives that better reflect how you plan, buy and measure your campaigns.

Simpler names for objectives

Objectives now have simpler names to help you choose the best objective for your business goal:

  • Increase brand awareness → Brand awareness
  • Reach people near your business → Reach
  • Send people to a destination on or off Facebook → Traffic (website clicks)
  • Get video views → Video views
  • Collect leads for your business → Lead generation
  • Get people to claim your offer → Engagement (offer claims)
  • Promote your Page → Engagement (page likes)
  • Boost your posts → Engagement (post engagement)
  • Raise attendance at your event → Engagement (event responses)
  • Increase conversions on your website → Conversions (website conversions)
  • Get people to visit your store → Store visits

New objectives

Objectives with the same business goals are now combined:

  • Traffic: Send more people to your website or app.
  • Conversions: Drive an action on your website. This objective combines the website conversions and app engagement objectives.
  • Engagement: Get more people to engage with your business on Facebook. This objective includes the post engagement, page likes, event responses and offer claims objectives.

Boost Post – will serve up your ad with an engagement objective to more of your fans or a targeted audience you have already saved. You can do this from a post on your page or choose Engagement as a campaign objective.

Reach and Brand Awareness – targets people in your area. You can choose one or multiple destinations. The Reach objective lets you maximise the number of people who see your ads and how frequently they can be seen. If you’re looking to build brand awareness the Reach objective lets you maximise the number of impressions your ads receive.

#2: Set Up Location Targeting

Select the location you want to target. If you want to change the location, drag the circle around the map or enter an address in the box below it. You can also adjust the radius you wish to target using the Radius drop-down menu in the bottom-right corner of the map.

 #3: Refine Location Targeting

Having the ability to target ads directly to customers according to their precise location is an invaluable tool for marketers.

But it’s not quite enough. You need to look beyond location targeting

This should be enough to separate basic customer types, and it will help prevent, say, a men’s barber shop from displaying an ad to local ladies. Unfortunately, that’s as far as it goes.

This applies whether you’re boosting a post, promoting your page, or trying to send people to your website. However, it’s far less effective if you operate in a smaller target market. 

#4 Use Boost Post Button

Do you post status updates to a Facebook page for your business?

You can boost a post for as little as $3

Boost anything that would be interesting to your audience!

Post before and after photos of your clients. Post a testimonial from a customer… the possibilities are endless.

Boosting a post is a good way to get organic traffic to the post and see the engagement before you use that post in an ad campaign. It’s a relatively cheap way to do some testing.

Post something interesting on your Facebook page and give it a boost to see how your community reacts.

#5 Call Out Your Audience in the Ad or Post Copy

If you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, you’re most likely to stop and read something that’s written specifically for you.

You’re much more likely to notice an ad that has the name of the city/town where you live within the copy. The ad seems more relevant to you.

When you’re running ads to potential customers, use the name of the city/town in your ad! It adds specificity and will catch your target market’s attention.

#6 Create An Event

Creating and running ads to a Facebook event is great way to get people to visit your salon/spa.

Hold special events to teach people hairstyle/makeup, promote a new product or celebrate a new service.

The best part about events is that once people start to mark that they are interested or going, it will show in their friends’ newsfeeds.

PLUS… events are GREAT for word of mouth.

When holding an event, give people a reason to attend! Offer discounts or free food and giveaways, create a theme, make it a party!

#7 Offer A Discount

A great way to catch your potential customers attention is to run a free promotion or discount.

Try a value add on that will attract their attention like… ‘Bring a friend for free’, ‘$10 Gift Voucher for new customers’, ‘Get partial foils for free with a colour and style on Tuesdays’.

Even if the service is a loss leader or just covers the cost, you need to think about the life time value of that customer. Think seriously about what are you willing to give away for free or at a discount in order to acquire a customer?

People who are looking for a new stylist or salon will absolutely respond to the offer because it’s positioned as a promotion.

#8 Remember to Create Content That Educates Your Ideal Customer.

Creating posts that appeal to your ideal customers  is ALWAYS a great way to catch their attention.

You could write a blog for your website and link to it, use Facebook instant articles, lead ads, notes, and carousels.

There is also Facebook Live, slideshows, and videos. All the tools on earth to get attention, engagement and drive traffic to your website.


There are many types of posts and ads that can be used on Facebook, whether you are into being techy or not.

Just getting in front of your customers, being interesting and getting their attention is the beginning. Building relationships with potential customers is the name of this social media game and with Facebook you have an incredible tool to be relevant and specific with your ideal customer.

Use this check list every time you post or write an ad. Did you? 

  • Get specific with your targeting.
  • Choose the right type of post/ad.
  • Use the name of the city/town in the post?
  • Give them a reason to take action now with an offer?
  • Give them a reason to engage with you with content?
  • Educate, entertain, demonstrate or inform?

Facebook can be fun and greatly increase customer awareness of your business.

Would you like some “Done For You” posts to use?Free Facebook Posts